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ITLS 2019-2020 Committee Application

Are you interested in getting more involved with ITLS? Apply to serve on a committee!

Committee applications are due September 27, 2019. You will receive notification of committee appointments no later than October 18. Placement is at the discretion of the ITLS Board of Directors and Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs.

All committee appointments will be for 2-year terms. Please review the 2019-2020 ITLS Committee rules before submitting your application.

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View Committee Listing & Mandates

(Mandates subject to change for 2019-20 cycle)
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10. Do you wish to serve on any committees for the 2019-2020 cycle?
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Appointments to the Finance Committee and Innovations Committee are determined by the ITLS Board of Directors. You will be notified if you have been invited to one of these committee for 2019-2020.